How to create more impactful videos

Keep your story simple!

Life is already complicated as it is, keep it simple and don’t over complicate the story this will result in a disengaged customer.

Start off strong

Analytics from YouTube show that at least 50% of videos lose their audiences in the first 1 seconds. Keep it fun! Light! Ensure it is entertaining! Make your viewer want to see how your story ends. Be really clear in the first 10 seconds why your audience needs to stick around.

Have energy

Show passion! Show energy People that can show this will have a more engaged audience.

Pay attention to headlines and descriptions

Make sure that all keywords that you expect to be used in searches for your products/ services are used. Google has a keyword tool where you can check if he keywords are popular.

Plan ahead of your video production

Pre-production will ensure that you have a quality video. Things to include will be a shot list; story board; Prop lists, B-roll (additional footage to help bring the story to life in edit). Quality videos take planning they don’t just happen by accident!

Call to Action

We have mention this before in our other blogs but what do you want the viewer to do once they have watched your video. Make it easy for the viewer and ask them outright to do it.

Keep it short

If your content is engaging for the viewer you can have a longer video – most viewers should be viewed as potential low engagement viewers initially so therefore keep them to 60-90 seconds. 2 minutes is on the upper side and you may disengage your viewer before you even have a chance to tell your story.

Be sincere and tell it from the heart

Be human, tell your story in the most human way possible. Personalize your story. Your video must be touching to show emotion and therefore creating trust and a high engagement viewer.

Consider all your channels that you have at your disposal

Website; Blog, e-newsletters; social medial channels – Twitter, Facebook etc. Make your post easy to share this is what you want loads of sharing to get your name out there. Sponsor posts on Facebook and on LinkedIn