Excellent qualities of a good-explainer-video

Explainer videos need to be simple. They need to be straightforward. They need to be smooth.

Think Visually

You need pictures to show someone something because this will wonder and curiosity ore engaging than words. For example: Show someone biting into a juicy apple instead of trying to explain it in a few 100 words and losing engagement.

Demonstrate fun

Keep it enjoyable and light, add in a few strategic pointers to make sure that your view gets the message. Don’t bore your audience and don’t lecture them (not ever). Don’t make demands on your viewers either, this can be a key disengaging action you want to stay clear of.

Right music choice is key

Music can elicit feelings of excitement, fun, wonder and curiosity depending on which genre used. Use it a little tune can go a very long way depending on what you are trying to convey. To your viewer.

Call to action

As we mention in most of our blogs what do you want your viewer to do once they have watched your video? Keep it simple, don’t complicate what it is that you want else your perfect engaging video will be lost and quickly. Give the customer tools to follow through. Perhaps just a click to get to a feedback/ questionnaire, get in touch with us form is all you need.

Compel your view to share

Make sure it is easy to share, so that a viewer can show their friends and family! Or work colleagues!

Have a fantastic script

Have a creative brief to establish what goals are to be achieved, what is the tone, solutions to problems. Once you have this you can prepare your script – this will enable you to a=ensure that you are answering the right questions and following the right path for your video. It will keep you focused on what the video needs to accomplish. All part of pre-production!

Know your audience

Think about who you are targeting. Rarely will it be everyone! Keep age, background, gender, potential interests of your viewers in the back of your mind always.

Get to the point

Be concise in your message. Show confidence. Don’t beat around the bush people don’t enjoy that. Just stick to the point.

Communicate Brand Value

Ensure that the viewer understands how the product/idea/service impacts them. Showing the viewer an example of where your product/idea/service will come in handy is an excellent form of engagement and empowers the viewer.

Voiceover artist and font selections

Make sure you have the right voice to match your explainer video! Without that your video could be worthless. Additionally if you have subtitles or screen text ensure that’s it is legible and follows the look and feel of your video.