Top Reasons as to why video content just must be FIRST among your marketing tactics!

In this modern day and age, we have customers placing increasing importance on video content on wanting to see the products in Action. If your customers are wanting it you should be providing it! If your video is creative and full of energy and fun its can spread across the globe in a matter of a few days. You could get so many views – millions in fact within a week!

Top reasons!

  1. Video builds trust between you and your customers. Your videos need to provoke a share.
  2. Video is proven to show excellent ROI
  3. Google loves videos! You are 53 more likely to show up first on Google I you have video embedded in your website.
  4. Easier to track results for marketers – a marketer can easily see how many times the video was watched, was it watched in full or did it stop somewhere before the fi=full video was over. There are heaps of apps that are around to help marketers track how their content is performing. Google Analytics is tracking software that helps to track content performance.
  5. It is effortless for consumers (even the laziest buyers) and appeals to mobile users – video and mobile are joined at the hip! The absolutely go hand in hand. Video marketing rids the need for drawn out reading which quickly disengages the consumer!
  6. A video should have a call to action – what do you want your customer to do next?
  7. Video market can explain absolutely everything
  8. Video encourages social shares to take place – remember most people are sharing an emotion not really a fact-based video so the videos that you make need to be entertaining, fun, light! Steer away from too serious!
  9. Conversions and sales are proven to be boosted by video.
  10. Technology is constantly innovating and making it easier to support video content. And because your video can be optimized for mobile consumption making customers who are on the move easier to gain access to. The number of ‘mobile customers’ is on the increase and as a business you want to be in front of them no matter where they are during their working days.
  11. Videos creates visibility of your business.
  12. Videos are great for any occasion – there are so many ways video can be used, New products! Demos! Interviews with professionals!

Remember to create emotionally charged videos that provoke a share!