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Video Pre-Production Services

Digital video production begins long before the camera starts rolling. At The Idea Donkey, we understand that creativity, hard work and planning needs to go into pre-production.

We can help you conceptualise your goals, visualise your dreams, and coordinate a shot-by-shot plan to create the perfect video for your business.

Video Conceptualisation

Every great video begins as nothing more than an idea. We work with you to turn that idea into fully-realised video content by getting to know you and your brand. Once we understand your brand’s identity and your marketing goals, we can conceptualise it as a story.


Every video made should have storyboarding done first. Choreographing every element of your video, from a shot list with camera angles and shot types, to illustrative scene headings, all the way down to the sound effects, we create storyboards with quality end-product in mind.

Script Writing

Before your video can leap off the screen, it must first leap off the page. We know the value of great scriptwriting, and we let our passion show when writing a screenplay. Your script is where the story you are trying to tell comes to life.

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