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Video conceptualisation is the ideas stage of the production process. This is where you work with your chosen video content agency to take a small idea and turn it into a full-blown concept.

Over our years as a video production agency, we’ve discovered that our clients tend to be very creative people. They just need some extra help growing the idea seed into something bigger and something that has impact. This is where we come in.

What happens in the video conceptualisation stage?

During the video conceptualisation stage, people will brainstorm for ideas. It’s best not to hold yourself back when it comes to throwing out ideas or suggestions that may seem weird, strange, or difficult to you. Every person’s idea is unique and valuable, and we believe that creating video content is a fun and free process. We try to make our clients feel open to discuss their ideas and creativity to produce the best possible product.

In this stage of pre-production, we begin by asking the client what they want from the video. What is the end goal? Once you know what you want to achieve, you can map your way to the finish line. Then, we talk about the brand voice, the demographic, and anything special to the company or to the person that must be present in the final product to serve as its base or foundation.

Here are some ways to brainstorm your concept, either prior to or during your meeting with the Idea Donkey team:

Ramble about your concept in a voice memo. It’s the best way to get ideas out there without censoring or editing them, and there might be a golden nugget buried in there!

Use mind-maps or bubbles to sketch your ideas out. If you tend to work better when writing, create a mind map that expands your initial idea into many connected concepts. This is a great way to find elements to include in the final piece.

Watch other online videos that are like your initial idea. When doing this, write down the elements you love, and expand on them with ideas from your own perspective. Pick out images, colours, even phrases, and map them out on a wall or on a piece of paper.

Why is video conceptualisation important?

So many video production companies focus on dramatic effects and flashy shots when they produce a video, trying to create an award-winning project using technique alone. While technique is important, and there’s nothing wrong with flash, we believe in the power of a good foundation.

High-quality videos communicate a message to the viewer clearly. Whether it’s a TV commercial, a promotional video, or a twenty-second loop for social media channels, a video must have an idea driving it. The “golden thread” must be present.

If your concept has been clearly defined from the outset, then the piece will make sense and flow well. As it passes from hand to hand throughout the pre-production, shooting, and post-production, everyone will know what the content needs to reflect. We make sure this happens so we can create an excellent video that’s engaging, effective, and achieves all the right results.

Right now, your video is a blank canvas, so what are you waiting for?

Talk to The Idea Donkey, the video content agency that brings your ideas to life.

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