Post-Production Video Editing Services

Post-production video editing is like creating a sculpture from clay. You have the material in your hands, and you have the foundations of your idea in your mind. Now comes the time to combine the two into your final vision, taking the raw footage, cutting it together, and creating a coherent and impactful final product.

Being a great video editor takes more than just knowing the software; it’s an artform in and of itself! Here at The Idea Donkey, we take pride in using our industry experience to execute and enhance our clients’ visions for the visual medium. As video makers and editors, we don’t consider our job done until the final cut has rendered.

What does a video editor do?

An Apple Mac Pro with video editing software on the screenTo anyone unfamiliar with editing footage, the path from raw material to final product may seem like a straight line; video editors simply take the video files, and then cut them together in a different order. In reality, editors have their fingers on a number of pies throughout the creation process.

It is crucial that a video editor understands the client’s ultimate vision for the video. Whether you’re creating an advertisement, an explainer video, or something to represent your brand, there is a core message at play. It’s the editor’s job to dig through the footage and assemble it in a manner that makes that message as clear as possible while keeping the video interesting!

Editors use:

Video editing softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro
Visual effects to create a dynamic video
Audio tracks to add music in the background.
3D animation software for adding motion graphics
Sound editing suites to perfectly mix sound.

What makes a good post-production video editor?

The job of a video editor extends beyond the computer screen. It begins in pre-production with the very first client meeting, where they need to keep their eyes and ears open to understand what the client wants. It ends once the client has approved the work, after many rough cuts, changes, and creative discussions. We do our best to embody the traits of a great video editor in all that we deliver, prioritising traits like the ones below.

Video editors are great listeners.

Most of the clients who come to us are not familiar with the process of creating a video. All they have is their idea, and a vision they want us to execute. It’s the job of the editors on our team to actively listen to our clients and dissect what they are saying, translating it into ideas that can be applied in post-production. For example, a client may say they want the video to appeal to children, and the editor hears “bright colours, lively music, simple visuals”.

Video editors are dynamic.

When presented with an unexpected issue or change, our editors need to be quick on their feet to implement these changes. Using a broad view (and prioritising the client’s message), editors often need to reshuffle the content they have presented to make it just right for the client. Other times, they need to push back and justify their choices using industry knowledge.

Video editors are creative.

Ultimately, being a video editor and maker is about being a creative. We get excited at the chance to play with a new idea, and we love to see it coming to life right in front of us! Our creative integrity makes us detail-oriented, enthusiastic, and efficient, because we want to put work that we are proud of out into the world.

Let The Idea Donkey make your vision a reality with our post-production video editing services.

Our video production team has many dedicated creatives, including industry-qualified editors, that would love to work with you on your latest project. Whether it’s branding, advertisement, or a personal project, you can talk to The Idea Donkey.

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