Motion Graphics Design

The most important thing when it comes to video creation is to create a clear, defined, and impactful message. Here at The Idea Donkey, we’ve learned that, while filming TV commercials is still effective, the popularity of motion graphics and visual effects in the modern digital marketing space can’t be ignored.

Motion graphics done properly draws the attention of your viewer and holds it until the very end. In combination with effective copy and the right music choice, we can create motion graphic videos to boost your brand and effectively market your business.

What are motion graphics and After Effects?

Motion graphics is a type of animation that uses text as a primary component. Visual effects, character animation, colour, and copy come together to create an engaging experience for the viewer, while effectively communicating the message of the creator. It’s a very popular method of video creation on social media, so if you’ve ever seen an explainer video on YouTube or Facebook, then you already know what motion graphics looks like!

Adobe After Effects is a software that can create motion graphics pieces. It’s not the only software out there, but it is one of the best, and it contains a variety of other tools that can be used alongside the motion graphics tools.

Ways to use motion graphics effectively

We are all inherently visual creatures—bold colour, clear shapes, and movement never fails to grab our attention. Therefore, motion graphics videos are great for communicating a strong, clear message. It’s even better if that message is reinforced by the presence of copy, statistics, or visual representations of data.

Here are some situations in which a professional motion graphics designer will serve you well.

Explaining a Concept or Process

Do you want to take your viewer through a step-by-step video tutorial, or breaking down a concept? Then you can’t beat motion graphics! You can tailor the choice of colour to represent your brand, and the dominant text will draw focus to the topic at hand rather than distracting your viewer with footage. It’s easy to layout tutorials in a logical manner using sequential shots, and colour coding concepts makes teaching a new topic easy.

Telling the Story of Your Brand

One of the best ways to draw customers to your business is to establish who you are as a brand. Motion design is a great medium for this, as you can represent your business’ voice in all aspects of the video’s creation. From the music behind the shots to the colours flitting across the screen, use motion graphics to tell the story of your brand in a visually memorable and engaging way.

Demonstrating a Product

If you want to put the spotlight on a product, motion graphics can add interest without using a constant voiceover. Overlay information onto shots of the real product using shape layers or use animations to represent the creation of the product for the viewer. It’s an interesting way to advertise just one aspect of your business while carrying your brand’s voice alongside it.

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