Web Video Ad Production

YouTube, Vimeo, media websites, and video ad networks present a whole new way to engage with your audience.

Video advertising allows you to connect with your customers through an engaging medium. However, with so many other businesses competing for limited online ad space, your business needs high-quality, stunning video ads to stand out. At The Idea Donkey, our inspired team knows what it takes to create web video ads that are designed to go viral and engage with viewers.

The crack team of creatives here will balance your brand’s message with eye-popping colour, condensed narratives, and imagery to get the most out of any online video campaign.

Why Create Video Ads?

The world is seeing a shift from TV to the internet, and the internet itself is seeing a shift to video content.

Online advertising also offers valuable metrics and analytics tools that aren’t accessible to traditional advertising in legacy media like television, radio, and newspapers.

Advertising on the web lets you track the click-through rate of the people who see your ad, click on it, and visit your site’s landing pages. You can even use powerful analytics to see which types of people are most interested in your ads so you can target audiences with greater precision across YouTube, Google, Facebook and various platforms.


Five Seconds or Five Minutes: Video Content that Engages

Great video ads and video marketing need to be engaging, because you only have the attention of your audience for as long as it takes them to hit the “Skip Ad” button.

Our team of creatives takes the seed of your campaign’s idea and expands it into a narrative, using expertly-shot footage and video editing.

Create Stunning Ads

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