Video marketing is all about connecting with your audience. In the modern age, the best way to do that is by using online platforms. Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram have several avenues for video publication. Outside of social media, there are many ways for your viewers to access videos, including a vast network of websites that can display your video.

At The Idea Donkey, we work with you to create the type of content your audience wants to see and optimise those videos for viewing on all of your chosen platforms to make the most out of your video marketing campaign.

Video Publishing

The key to publishing compelling video content online is to have a strategy around it’s release and really optimise for it’s audience reach. That can mean their size, their length, and even the content need to be specific to the chosen medium and platform. After a few years in the business of creating amazing video content, we’ve been a part of our fair share of marketing campaigns.

Whether you want to get your content on TV or are looking for the best way to find your audience online – the team here at The Idea Donkey can provide you with our expertise.

Call on The Idea Donkeys to publish your video online.

Once we’ve gone through the creation process with you, we’ll optimise your video content for publishing on every platform. Reach the audience you want to talk to. Get in touch with our expert team below, and let’s start creating today!

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